Killing the 2nd Dog / The 8th Day of the Week (1992)

Polish title: Ósmy dzień tygodnia (1957) & Drugie zabicie psa (1965)
By: Marek Hłasko
Translated by: Norbert Guterman, Tomasz Mirkowicz
Published by: Minerva

Marek Hłasko has been described as Poland’s angry young man of the 1950s. The Eighth Day of the Week is a story of two young people searching for a place to consummate their love, while Killing the Second Dog gives voice to the rebellious longings and resentments of youth growing up under communism.

NB The 1992 Minerva edition pictured includes two works of fiction by Hłasko, which are also available in separate editions.

This brief biography of Hłasko is taken from the Minerva book.

& this is a still striking a film poster from the late 50s for the film version of The 8th Day of the Week.

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