Killing the 2nd Dog / The 8th Day of the Week (1992)

Polish title: Ósmy dzień tygodnia (1957) & Drugie zabicie psa (1965)
By: Marek Hłasko
Translated by: Norbert Guterman, Tomasz Mirkowicz
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Map: Collected and Last Poems (2016)

Map: Collected and Last Poems
By: Wisława Szymborska
Translated by: Clare Cavanagh, Stanisław Barańczak
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Swimming in the Dark (2020)

Swimming in the Dark
Polish title: Płynąc w ciemnościach (2020)
By: Tomasz Jedrowski
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According to Her (2022)

According to Her
Polish title: Według niej (2004)
By: Maciej Nawariak (Maciej Hen)
Translated by: Anna Blasiak
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The Salt of the Earth (2016)

The Salt of the Earth
Polish title: Sól ziemi (1935)
Translated by: Patrick John Corness
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The Map (2022)

The Map
Polish title: Mapa (2019)
By: Barbara Sadurska
Translated by: Kate Webster
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Doctor Bianco and Other Stories (2021)

Doctor Bianco and Other Stories
Polish title: Doktor Bianko i inne opowiadania (2019)
By: Maciek Bielawski
Translated by: Scotia Gilroy

It is a collection of short stories, sometimes funny, but mostly bitter, about the ordinary people, who’s habits and characters can feel very familiar. Sparse, non sentimental prose gradually unravels portraits of people living in the same old tenement.

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