Welcome to Zielony Balonik Scottish Polish Book Club

In our bi-monthly meetings, we read and discuss Polish contemporary literature (fiction, non-fiction and poetry) available in English translation as well as works exploring Polish culture and history. Some members read English version of text, other original Polish and some both. Our discussions and communications are always in English. We are committed to the promotion and enjoyment of Polish literature in Brexit Britain as a way of supporting a better understanding between the two nations.  

Mainly coming from the Edinburgh and Glasgow areas, our membership includes both Polish nationals and UK citizens who are interested in Polish literature and culture. Some of us have family or work links in Poland and some have developed friendship links over the years. This range of experience and knowledge adds hugely to the richness of our group discussions. We hope that you will join us in our readings!

Our Current Book

The Career of Nicodemus Dyzma

The Career of Nicodemus Dyzma (2020)

By: Tadeusz Dołega-Mostowicz
Translated by: Ewa Małachowska-Pask, Megan Thomas

Dołęga-Mostowicz wrote his novel in a newly independent Poland rampant with political corruption and populist pandering. This biting political satire, hilarious and disturbing, cont is an indictment of a system in which money and connections matter above all else, a deeply incompetent man rises to the highest spheres of government and aristocracy.

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