Blinded by the Lights (2020)

Polish title: Ślepnąc od świateł (2014)
By: Jakub Zulczyk
Translated by: Marek Kazmierski
Published by: Legend Press
Originally published by: Świat Książki

Kuba is a cocaine dealer in the dark, electric streets of Warsaw, believing he is smart enough to stay in control, unlike the top lawyers, doctors, TV personalities who are his client base.However, after calling in the debt of a failing nightclub owner, breaking his own rules on other people’s property and being caught in the consequences of his clients’ actions, all control starts to slip from his grasp.Now suffering under the glare of the spotlight and dragged into the dark underbelly of the drug world, Kuba must find a way through the middle of the whirlwind of violence and betrayal sweeping him away.

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