Floating the Woods (2018)

By: Ken Cockburn
Published by: Luath

Not a Polish book, but a collection of poems in English by Zielony Balonik member Ken Cockburn. At the meeting we’ll read and discuss some of the poems and consider translations of them into Polish.

The cover blurb reads, “the places in Floating the Woods are mainly Scottish, stretching from the Borders to Orkney, taking in Edinburgh, the Tay estuary and the River Ness. Through these landscapes move figures from the past – real, legendary and imagined – as the routes of Romans, Vikings and Celtic saints are followed by later figures such as Wordsworth, James Hogg and John Muir. Further afield the First World War casts a long, dark shadow over otherwise idyllic English and Belgian scenes. There are alphabet, calendar, list and found poems, dealing with imaginary shades of blue and the imponderables of etiquette.”

This review appeared recently online.

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